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O.S. .21TM Engine

Below are some shots of the Revo from this Fall.  The the O.S. .21TM in the first picture replaced the the Traxxas engine which exploded this Summer. You can see from the second picture where the Traxxas engine blew up; the connecting rod cracked and shot up through the piston.  At top speed these little engines spin at 30,000 RPM, which is incredibly fast considering their size. It is not surprising that they usually only last a year or two before they break. Ive also included a 2 shots of me holding the car outside, which give a general idea of the car's size. I am getting ready to put it away for the Winter, just need to clean off all the dirt and dust and make a list of what parts I need to order to get it working for next Spring.

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Ready for Spring

Got some new stuff for my RC nitro car recently including some Pactra spray paint so I could finally paint this new body I got a few months back. I also got an Ofna fail-safe, which applies the brakes if the car loses reception with the remote, an infrared temperature gauge to check the engine temps, and a new piston and sleeve to rebuild the TRX 3.3 engine. Pictures below are of the newly painted Revo Platinum body. It came clear and I taped it off and painted blue underneath and then put 2 coats of black paint over top. I think it came out really well considering it is the first one I have done.


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Revo 3.3 Pictures

Here are some pictures of my Nitro RC Car. It is a Revo 3.3, model 5309 made by Traxxas. I just put it away for the rest of the winter, but expect some more pictures coming in April or May. I have had it since September 2010. It is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work to keep it running.

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