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APC Uninterruptible Power Supply

Today I bought an Uninterruptible Power Supply for the web server. The computer turned off a few weeks ago and I think it was probably caused by a short power outage or a brownout so hopefully this will solve the problem. In the past 10 months the server has only gone down about 2 or 3 days, which means it has been up about 99% of the time.

I also setup and installed the apcupsd from the EPEL software repository. It monitors the UPS through a USB cable and automatically shuts down the operating system when the battery is running out. The UPS can only run for about 20 minutes before it shuts down the computer, but the bios is configured to turn the computer back on automatically when power is restored. The daemon also sends out a broadcast message so anyone logged into the server will be notified that the server will be shutting down soon.

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